Finding traffic sources for affiliates is time consuming, but no one would deny that it’s a core aspect of building a successful business. Because publishers tend to be a busy bunch, we decided to handle the hard work putting together a visual map of mobile traffic sources. The map has been designed based on practical tests conducted over a couple years to help affiliates choose traffic sources based on the vertical they are looking to target.

The map can be found here :

“This map will help Mobile Affiliate Marketers to better target their campaigns” said Vianney Settini, CEO  & Co-founder of MobPartner. “To have the ability to know the traffic is the Holy Grail for affiliates since it will allow them to scale and duplicate their existing successes across many platforms.” With such a map, MobPartner wants to open the door to all affiliates that are serious about moving into the mobile arena as well as give visibility to all the medium-sized mobile Ad networks.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this map, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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2 Responses to MobPartner reveals Mobile Traffic Sources Visual Map for Affiliates

  1. Devilova says:

    Absolutely agree with this topics, since the traffic was the resources of any sell who might happen.
    So it has to be get no matter how and no matter where.

  2. mobpartner is known for its unique and innovations in helping publishers increase their revenue.This one is another great step by mp to help its affiliates.By tracking their incoming traffic,affiliates can now more effectivly increase their traffic and revenue

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