Google Play launched In-app Billing on Google Play a year ago to give developers more ways to sell and engage users over the lifetime of their apps. Since the launch, In-app Billing has been extremely successful in helping developers monetize their apps through try-and-buy, virtual goods, upgrades, and other popular business models.

Google brings an even more compelling option for developers who want to make a buck.They are now taking In-app Billing further by adding another important business model — subscriptions. As of yesterday, developers can use In-app Billing to sell monthly or annual subscriptions from inside of their apps. All subscriptions are auto-renewing, for every app and game and every type of subscription product. Google handles the hard work by managing the purcbase transactions and the only thing developers have to do is set the price and billing interval.

Google Play provides a user friendly purchase experience, highlighting subscription details such as price and billing interval before continuing with purchases.  Post transaction, Google Play manages recurring billing and keeps users informed of new charges sending them updates by email for each renewal.  Users can view and cancel their subscription anytime  visiting My Apps in the Play.

Google play team said: “While making it easy for developers to offer a great purchasing experience, our subscriptions are also designed for flexibility. Developers can use them to monetize premium dynamic content such as journals and magazines, but they can also use them to sell access to bundled products, game levels, music and video content, value-added services, or any other digital content”.

“Building on Google Play’s strength as a truly cloud-connected experience, developers can offer users the ability to carry their subscriptions across multiple properties, services, or campaigns. To make this easier, we’re introducing an HTTP-based publisher API through which enterprise-scale backend servers can validate or cancel subscriptions. Using this API, for example, developers can extend access from their Android apps to their web properties, based on subscriptions that are purchased on Google Play”.

Google says that developers will begin offering Google Play subscriptions in their apps in the coming days, and one of the first out of the gate will be Glu Mobile, which plans to offer VIP currency packages in a number of its gaming titles. Developers that are interested in integrating in-app subscription billing are encouraged to check out Google’s documentation on the new feature now.

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