The top 50 apps took up 54% of users’ time
The mobile web and apps are like parallel highways, with distinct rules and scenery and their own versions of congestion and confusion. “The day may come when HTML5 matures to the point that the experience of using a web app differs little from a native app,” said Noah Elkin, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report “App-etite for Engagement: Marketing Beyond the Browser.” “Ultimately, however, focusing on the underlying technology in part misses the point about what makes apps popular.”

App users are drawn to the encapsulated experience that improves content delivery and draws on the hardware features of smart devices. “Consumer response in terms of adoption and use of apps is a testament to their importance within the marketing ecosystem and the central role they can play when it comes to ongoing engagement,” said Elkin.

According to Nielsen, US Android and iOS app users spent 101 billion minutes per month with their apps in March 2012, more than double the amount from a year earlier. By contrast, the amount of time spent with mobile websites grew at a more modest 44% over the same span. Read more


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