Mobile devices are becoming  a very important part of our daily life, especially part of our working lives. Having a smartphone increases our productivity: we have constant access to email, internet and apps that allow us to work while on the move. Unfortunately not a lot of people are aware of the privacy issues with mobile devices. Sensitive information can be stolen through wireless networks and mobile phones can be attacked by malware.

Even the Android platform is vulnerable to encountering malware attacks. SophosLabs has identified five of the most commonly detected malware on Android. Many of them are malicious apps that escape the controls of app marketplaces. Some apps could contain hidden spywares, phishing screens or startup background processes.

Mobile users want to believe that no one would attack a smartphone, but in reality they are an easy target for hackers. A nice infographic developped by Veracode shows 10 simple tips to protect your mobile phone from malware and malicious apps.

Data protection and optimum performance are very important now more than ever before for smartphone owners, especially for Android users. For this reason MobPartner has decided to invest in affiliate campaigns on Android apps dedicated to mobile security. The following are must-have apps for anyone who is interested in protecting their devices against viruses and malware, increasing battery life and protecting their data privacy (photos, contacts, SMS, etc.).

NQ Vault hides your confidential SMS messages, contacts, call logs, pictures and videos. NQ Security Multi-language protects your mobile phone against malwares, spywarse, hackers and all mobile threats. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

– Up to $0.45 per Android App Install in 13 countries

JuiceBooster will reduce the charge time and increase the battery life of your android device by up to 200%. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

– $2.44 per Android App Install in Australia

Droid Defender includes these features: Battery Boosting, Spam Protection, App Manager, Private Locker for text and contacts. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

– $2.44 per Android App Install in Australia


Choosing to promote these campaigns will guarantee to affiliates a lot of clicks and a very high conversion rate.

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