Few days ago the third and last debate between the two candidates to the U.S. presidential elections had been broadcasted. Obama seems to have won the “battle” with Romney during the debate with subtle jokes on the foreign politics of his opponent. Another conflict seems to be going on during these elections, Mashable has defined it as the high tech battle.

In 2008 Barack Obama during his campaign demonstrated the power that social media can have on politics. His election was the first presential election of the social media age.

Today everything is going mobile, even politics. Smartphone users rely on their devices to get information about the upcoming elections by:

  • Visiting website or app of candidates
  • Monitoring polls and results live
  • Locating or “checking-in” at voting stations
  • Donating to campaigns

A study made by Mojiva showed that almost 1 in 5 Democrat or Republican voters have or plan to donate to a candidate’s campaign through their smartphone.

Not only voters, but even candidates take advantage of mobile devices to advertise their campaigns. Obama preferred advertisement on mobile games as Battleship, Tetris and Scrabble, while Romney has chosen Facebook and Android as promotion platforms.

MobPartner is following the mobile trend in American politics by launching a campaign for his affiliates on a mobile site dedicated to this topic.

US Election Poll Mobile Site

Which party will be elected? This poll would help Americans to decide it by themselves and also win a FREE $150 Visa Gift Card.


$0.88 per lead in the United States



Conversion User Flow:
1. User clicks on the party of his choice
2. User enters his e-mail address and clicks on ‘Continue’

– No Adult traffic
– No incent traffic
– No Web traffic
– No SMS pushes

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