With the new mobile operating system iOS 6.0 new features comes for all Apple users but for Advertisers too. Apple has introduced a new identifier specific for advertising purposes called IDFA which is tracking users so that Advertisers can target them. This new tracking system doesn’t identify users personally but give to the Advertiser aggregate audience data in order to target ads.

In the previous operating systems Apple was using a Unique Device Identification (UDID), a 40-character code that identifies each device in a unique and permanent way and it was not-deletable from users.

The new tracking system is called Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) and is temporary, effective and explicit for ads and users have the possibility to disable it from their device settings.

MobPartner Platform fully supports the latest Apple technology. On October 30th our engineers have launched a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS Advertisers: the main additional feature is the full compatibility with the recently introduced tracking parameter IDFA.  Obviously the new SDK is fully optimized for the previous iOS versions.

MobPartner is still able to manage all other parameters, such as MAC Address, ODID, OpenUDID, etc. In addition to that Advertisers can take advantage of our FingerPrint solution provided inhouse by our technical team that allow us to track 100% of the traffic.

For any other information about the new features of iOS SDK you can contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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