MobPartner is very glad to announce the launch of a brand new global campaign for UC Browser.

UC Browser is the leading mobile internet browser with more than 300 million users across more than 150 countries and regions.

This product is completely free and currently available on all major operating platforms in 7 different languages.



It is possible to download the specific version for each platform (Android, Symbian, Java, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) or the generic version for all other models.

UC Browser is an original, intuitive and user friendly way to browse the web on all devices. It is technically advanced and has a voice recognition feature to quickly browse web pages you want.


With the double gesture and multi-touch elements using the web becomes a far more tactile and responsive experience.


UC Browser is faster than all other browsers: the cloud acceleration system allows mobile users to load pages instantaneously.


MobPartner has decided to launch a global affiliation campaign on UC Browser targeting all countries and all the handsets. This is a terrific opportunity for all Publishers to monetize global traffic and maximize revenues!

UC Browser CPI Campaign

Campaign Business Model: Cost per Install, users download and install the product. It’s COMPLETELY FREE
Geo-targeting: Worldwide
Handset Targeting: All Handsets
Payout: $0.07
Creatives available: banners, ad texts in different languages


Are you interested in this campaign? Contact the dedicated Account Manager at!

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