The surprise is finally revealed! The Christmas gift that MobPartner would like to offer all Affiliates is a special promotion to help monetize traffic and maximize revenues throughout the month of December.

In October we launched a one week Halloween promotion with amazing results.  For December we chose 24 of our best converting campaigns to promote at a higher payout in the

MobPartner Xmas Special

By running these top campaigns affiliates should see an increase in earnings up to 50% during the promotion. We wanted to award our affiliates for their amazing support this year with the best promotion we could think of. So we hope this encourages all affiliates in our network to test new campaigns and to send higher volumes of traffic thanks to the higher rates!

Every day until Christmas affiliates can discover in our Advent Calendar a new top campaign at a special increased rate that will stay at that rate for the remainder of the month. Each new day a new deal will be revealed spread across verticals (video games, applications, mobile content, dating apps, etc.), business models (CPI, CPS, CPL) and countries.

See the list of campaigns selected for this special promotion below (% represents increase in campaign payout rate):

December 1st: VivaMobile USA

Up to 50% increase

December 2nd: CellSpice + Mobmatic

Up to 8% increase

December 3rd: Yamoja

Up to 10% increase

December 4th: Gamifive

Up to 5% increase

December 5th: Mozook

Up to 16% increase

December 6th: Gameloft

Up to 43% increase

December 7th: Blinkogold 2.0

Up to 5% increase

December 8th: I Love Mobi

Up to 20% increase

December 9th: Sam Media

Up to 26% increase

December 10th: PocketFlirt

Up to 3% increase

December 11th: ClubM8 Chat

Up to 17% increase

December 12th: Play Planet

Up to 9% increase

December 13th: MeetMoi

Up to 60% increase

December 14th: iGirls TV

Up to 8.4% increase

December 15th: Dark Summoner – Android App

Up to 24% increase

December 16th: KKO Store

Up to 22% increase

December 17th: NeoMobile

Up to 25% increase

December 18th: FlirtFinder

Up to 6% increase

December 19th: MediaPlazza

Up to 11% increase

December 20th: On Device Research

Up to 34% increase

December 21st: NQ Mobile

Up to 50% increase

December 22nd: Okwit Mobile

Up to 10% increase

December 23rd: Mundo Movil Market

Up tp 11% increase

December 24th: Snap Secure

Up to 50% increase


Merry Christmas from your dedicated Affiliate Team!!

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