Even on Sunday our special offers for wishing you a Merry Christmas go live. Today’s gift from MobPartner to  all Affiliates is a bump of up to 26% on the Sam Media campaign.

Sam Media is an ambitious provider of innovative mobile entertainment services to consumers worldwide. Currently it reaches over 500 million mobile phone users in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific Region.

Content by Sam Media is delivered and billed to the users’ mobile phones through mobile operators’ infrastructure. Services include ringtones, java games, screensavers, wallpapers, video, trivia game and test alerts such as jokes, horoscopes, love tips, sport news and health tips.

MobPartner’s affiliation campaign for Sam Media is active in 8 countries around the world. Only for a limited time of MobPartner Xmas Special this campaign will see a bump of up to 26% in Thailand, Australia and Qatar.

Here’s the breakdown of countries and their new payouts:

Country Old Payout Xmas Payout
Thailand $1.25 $1.57
Australia $9.10 $11.20
Qatar $1.61 $2.02

Sam Media Mobile program is well known for high converting campaigns that generates the highest income for its affiliates. Don’t miss this limited opportunity to increase your revenue! Join now!

Here are some targeting tips to help you optimize your promotion:

  • Top action: Angry birds ringtone and Phone Tracker
  • Top carrier: AIS Internet and DTAC
  • Top OS: Java and Android
  • Top action: Ghost Scanner and Win an iPad
  • Top carrier: Wifi and Telstra
  • Top  OS: Java and Android
  • Top action: Take the IQ test
  • Top carrier: Qtel
  • Top OS: Android

If you have any questions regarding the promotion of this campaign on MobPartner network please feel free to contact the campaign manager Chloé: chloé.pignier@mobpartner.com

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