The countdown is still going: ten days left to Christmas! Have already buy the gifts to put under the three? Today you can unwrap a new gift from MobPartner in our awesome Advent Calendar.

The surprise for today is for the Dark Summoner Android campaign.

Dark Summoner is a must-have game for all Android users. The graphics are incredible and user-friendly. The game is optimized for mobile andcouldn’t be more addictive! This Android application is a free download and users can  play with real live people on the Internet.

Dark Summoner has been launched on MobPartner Platform on November 1st for a limited time of 2 weeks. Due to the big success and the high converting rates of this campaign we have decided to extend it until now.

Only for the limited time of MobPartner Xmas Special this campaign will see a bump of 24%. Subscribing to this campaign from December 15th to 31st you will receive an increased payout of $1.85 instead of $1.50. Join now!

Dark Summoner – Android App Install

Geo-targeting United States
Campaign Business Model: Cost per Install (CPI)
OS available: Android
Promotional Payout: $1.85 (only until Dec 31st)
Former Payout: $1.50


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