MobPartner is proud to announce that we have released a new feature in your statistic dashboard: from now on you will able to track every transaction by Operator, OS and Creatives!

 We have decided to provide our Affiliates and Media Buyers with this feature in order to better target their campaigns for what concerns operating system, carrier used and creative displayed.

Using this tool you will have the possibility to track more in detail the statistics of your transactions and you will be able to optimize even more your campaigns.

This is a great added value for you on our Affiliate Platform and will allow your to generate more revenues.

If you are interested in more information on this new tracking on our platform you can contact your Account Manager that will answer all your questions.

If you want to give you your feedback on this tool or if you have other ideas for the improvement of our products and services you can answer our short Satisfaction Survey until December 31st.

It’s the right to time to make money!

Check this out now:

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4 Responses to New Feature on MobPartner Platform: Tracking for Operator, OS & Creative

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  2. hong bo li says:

    I am a media buyer to promote your offers.
    I want to know if I only use the direct link of the offer and don’t add any parameters to the direct link, can “statistic reporting” record the data of operator,OS,model,brand and etc.

  3. hong bo li says:

    I haven’t owned my tracking server and I don’t use third-party tracking system.
    If I want to tracking the offer’s data:operator,OS,model,brand and etc. Then how can I configure the direct link of the offer.

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