Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of year. Christmas is certainly one of our favorite times of the year here at MobPartner and we’d like to spread that joy and happiness to all of you as well. Today, on day 20 of the MobPartner Xmas Special here’s what we bring to you.

On Device Research is a research company. They want to understand how people use their mobile phone. All the users need to do is to reply to few questions and then download an application. The campaign is open in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA and Japan.

Special for Christmas we offer you this campaign at a 20-30% increase in payout starting today until the end of the month. Here is the breakdown of payout increases:

Germany, France, UK: Old Payout $0.52; New Payout $0.70 / Lead

United States: Old Payout $0.52; New Payout $0.63 / Lead

Japan: Old Payout $0.70; New Payout $0.84 / Lead

– OS available: iOS, Android, Blackberry
– Incent and non-incent traffic are allowed
– WIFI is allowed

Here are some targeting tips to guide you in your promotion of this offer; countries and offers are ranked by global performance (e.g. United States Lead has the highest global CR):

United States – Lead 

1.         WIFI on Android

2.         AT&T on iPhone

3.         Sprint on Android

4.         Verizon on iPhone

5.         Cricket Com. on Android

United States – Lead V2

1.         WIFI on Android

2.         AT&T on iPhone

3.         Verizon on iPhone

United Kingdom – Lead       

1.         WIFI on iPhone

2.         Hutchison 3G on Android

3.         WIFI on Android

4.         O2 on iPhone

France – Lead           

1.         Bouygues Telecom on Android

2.         SFR on Android

3.         Orange on iPhone

France – Lead V2     

1.         SFR 3G on Android

2.         WIFI on Android

Germany – Lead       

1.         T-Mobile on iPhone

2.         O2 Telefonia 3G on Android

Japan – Lead 

1.         WIFI on iPhone

2.         WIFI on Android

We look forward to seeing you increase your promotions on this campaign or get started if you’re not already on board!

If you have any questions regarding the promotion of this campaign feel free to contact the campaign manager: Joanna (

– Your Dedicated MobPartner Affiliate Team


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