For the last day of our MobPartner Xmas Special we want to give you an aweson payout increase on an Android App which has a 4.5 Star Rating on Google Play and which is between the 14 Best Android Apps for eSecurity Planet. Snap Secure Android is an app that has generated over 2 million downloads and will see a bump of up to 50% in Canada.

Does safety and security resonate with you and your audience? If so you could make a great affiliate. Read on to learn more about ourproduct.

Personal and family-security has long been a concern for individuals in the United States and around the world. Data and device security are top of mind now that consumers are handling sensitive transactions and storing private documents on mobile devices. And would-be perpetrators are taking advantage.

Snap Secure addresses these worries with the most comprehensive family-focused mobile security solution on the market, providing round-the-clock protection for every member of the family with one subscription.

The application enables users to remotely control a lost or stolen smartphone by locking the device to protect important data and contact information or wiping all data contained in the phone to prevent unauthorized access. Snap Secure leverages smartphone GPS technology to help parents keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts by tracking their mobile device location on a map via their convenient web dashboard

Only for the limited time of MobPartner Xmas Special this campaign will see a bump of 50%  in Canada. Subscribing to this campaign from December 24th to 31st you will receive an increased payout of $18.90 instead of $12.60. Join now!

If you have any questions regarding the promotion of this campaign on MobPartner network please feel free to contact the campaign manager Rahima:

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