Android has become the most popular smartphone OS today and the Google Play market has finally reached the same number of apps as the App Store.

Acquiring users on Android is very important for MobPartner and all its Affiliates since the campaigns on this OS have a good conversion rate and generate high quality traffic. Moreover the advertising campaigns on Android are long term, as opposed to iOS pushes and have to possibility of reaching a huge number of users, particularly in USA.

For all these reasons MobPartner is focusing more and more on this market and has created an Android Business Unit to help developers and brand owners grow significantly their Mobile Apps Android Users base. Take a look at our latest affiliation campaigns for Android applications:

Slots Journey

Dive into the flow of luck and fortune and complete your unforgettable quest with a brand-new slot machine simulator!

Up to $1.40 per Android install in AU and US.


Legend of the Cryptids

Epic Fantasy RPG Card Game, LEGEND OF THE CRYPTIDS is FREE Android App!

$1.05 per Android App Install in the US


NQ Mobile

Protect your smartphone with our award-winning Mobile Security Apps.

Up to $0.45 per Android App Install in 28 countries


An infographic created by MBA Online shows the rise to success of Android by the numbers in 2012.


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