NARR8 is the place where stories come alive and never end. The freshly released dynamic reader includes a wide range of genres like superhero comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, education fiction and non-fiction in the form of motion comics, interactive novels, and interactive nonfiction articles.

NARR8 app was already well know by iPad users, but on February 18th NARR8 has released motion comics even for Android smartphones and tablets. NARR8 for Android is a free download on the Google Play Market and it has already been rated with five stars.NARR8 on Android

Readers can interact with almost everything on the screen: pages, scrolling text, sound, motion, animation and interactive elements.

Users have the possibility to download single episodes or comics or the entire series like JAM, Subject #9, Prodigal Angel, Final Feat, SPIN and Knights of the Void.

Check the video below to see how the application works:

The day after its release, MobPartner has launched an affiliation campaign for NARR8 Android on the platform. Below you can find the details:

 Narr8 – Android App

Business Model: Cost per Install

Countries: Russian Federation, United States

OS allowed: Android only

To join the campaign now click here!

If you want to learn more about how best to promote NARR8, contact directly the campaign manager Chloé Pignier at

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