The Chinese gaming industry is turning mobile. The explosive growth of the online gaming market in this country is expect to reach 135.22 billion RMB (US$21.7 billion) by 2017 according to the China Gaming Industry 2012 report. Focusing on mobile gaming, iResearch China shows that in 2012 Chinese mobile game enterprises generated a revenue of 8.84 billion RMB (US$ 1.43 billion), and its rapid growth of 53.1% will push revenue to 13.5 billion RMB (US$ 2.18 billion) in 2013. 

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The reason behind the growth is clear; thanks to major device producers based in China such as Huawei and ZTE, smartphone are soaring in popularity. A survey by iiMedia reports that 252 million of China’s mobile owners are now smartphone users. In addition to this, the popularization of wireless broadband networks and 3G connection has brought 24/7 online access to millions. With 67% of Chinese citizens using their internet connection to play games(source: SinoMarketInsight) this report also forecasts that there will be 336 million mobile game users in China by 2015.

The market potential of mobile gaming is huge. The rapid development of iOS and Android operating systems and the wi-fi and mobile connection diffusion will continue to bring exciting new mobile games to market, fuelling future growth.

Following the market trend, MobPartner is launching new campaigns to promote three mobile games in Taiwan and Hong Kong: Wushen Guansheng, Wojiao MT and Armed Heroes Online. The high conversion rates will secure Publishers with great commissions and an excellent return on investment.

Wushen Guansheng iOS App

The hottest Strategy Game which has created a download boom worldwide has finally launched its OS version! Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Kong Ming, Sun Quan and the other generals are waiting for your call. Players can recruit different grand generals, set the world to rights and conquer the Central Plains!

Business Model: Cost per iOS App Install

OS allowed: iOS 4.3 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Average CR: 5.25% Hong Kong, 3% in Taiwan

Countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan

To join the campaign now click here!

Wushen Guansheng


Wojiao MT iPhone App

“My name is MT” is a traditional game based on the classic cartoon “I‘m called MT”. In this first iOS adaptation of the mobile game, the anime characters are completely restored and a classic copy of the BOSS is also presented to the players in a unique way. Whether Warcraft player or MT fans, millions will flock to re-experience the adventure of Azerothbe.

Business Model: Cost per iPhone App Install

OS allowed: iOS 5.0 or later (iPhone)

Average CR: 2.95%

Countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan

To join the campaign now click here!

Armed Heroes Online Android App

The large 3D MMORPG action game “Armed Heroes Online” is officially launched! A thrilling, eye-catching game fest for players, “Armed Heroes Online” has innovatively blended Android mobile game features and a variety of PC must-haves, making it compelling and easy to enjoy. Together with interactive elements and advanced technology, it offers players the ultimate gaming experience. o

Business Model: Cost per Android App Install

OS allowed: Android only

Average CR: 4.55%

Countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan

To join the campaign now click here!

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  1. China and India are fastest emerging smartphone market in the world.I am glad mobpartner has introduced some campaigns for china.I hope MP will bring similar campaigns for India too

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  3. Mobile games says:

    china mobile games are rock and on very huge sector
    people love to play Chinese games

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