At MobPartner we love our customers and it seems that they love us too! A survey of leading mobile advertisers and app publishers has put us well ahead of the competition when it comes to service.

A huge 86% of customers rated our service as ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ compared to our rivals.  And no less than 96% of customers surveyed from major firms such as Aditic, Fotopedia and Opera Mediaworks Performance would be happy to recommend the service to other partners.

But are we going to let this go to our heads? 

Exploding headNo, what are we are going to do is use the survey feedback to improve our offering even more.  With 27% of customers reporting that MobPartner’s service has become even better over the last six months due to advances in the quality of offers, platform stability, account management and new statistical analysis features, we are certainly on the right track.

The MobPartner platform was also heaped with praise for its easy-to-browse campaigns, user-friendly interface and ease of navigation.  And with our customers saying they’d like more worldwide CPA campaigns, who are we to refuse?

For companies yet to experience the MobPartner platform, the fact that 87% of customers rated the quality of campaigns offered as ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ and 88% described the setup and launch process as ‘Easy’ and ‘Very easy’, is sure to make reassuring reading.

creative-juice-boxLastly, to the lovely customers who helped by completing the survey, we’d like to say “Thanks!”  Your insights into how we can further enhance our service have certainly got our creative juices flowing.

Watch this space to see how your comments have inspired us to innovate.

As usual, we’d love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch!

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