The music industry loses a hefty 12.5 million dollars each year due to piracy and illegal downloads, but now a change in the way people access their music is restoring harmony to the market.

Illustrating the change, the Dutch digital music market experienced the biggest growth across major European markets in 2012, with a case study showing a marked decrease in the use of The Pirate Bay (illegal service) and an increased use of Spotify (legal service).

Source: ComScore

Source: ComScore

With the consumer model changing and distribution shifting to music access, services which allow consumers to listen to music without owning it, like streaming services or subscription services, are on the rise.

Smartphones are the third most popular device for listening to music whilst on the move and with the widespread diffusion of applications and mobile sites, music subscription services have made big progress.  In 2012, there were 20 million paying subscribers, an increase of 44% on 2011. (Source: IFPI Digital Music Report 2013). Compared to full-track downloads, this kind of service appeals in terms of cost.

A global consumer survey conducted by Ipsos Media CT shows that subscription models are now the dominant type of digital music service in countries like Sweden, South Korea and France, and are very competitive in other countries.

Music subscription vs download services

Source: IFPI Digital Music Report 2013

2013 is the year in which mobile streaming music will eclipse full-track downloads in terms of revenue. According to a new report from Juniper Researchmobile streamed music services will increase by 40 per cent this year, reaching revenues of $1.7 billion.

Facts and numbers speak for themselves; the music industry is on the fast-track to recovery with mobile streaming and subscription services shaping its future. For this reason and because of the importance of music subscription services in France, MobPartner has decided to promote one of the latest web applications for music by Buongiorno

The service gives users a high quality music service through Radio, Streaming On Demand and MP3 Downloading, with access to over 9.5 million songs on any device: PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones Apple iOS and Android also in Offline Sync mode without Wi-Fi or wireless enabled. campaign

playme-1366791040Play me is a HTML5 web application for listening to limitless music! Top Hits are continuously updated and selected for every genre and style: pop, urban, indie, jazz, oldies, rock… Users can also organize their own music library by creating personalised playlists or share music with friends on social networks.

Business Model: Cost per Subscription


End user cost: First week  free, after € 1.99 per week.

Handsets: Android and iPhone

Country: France

Average CR: Up to 1%

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