Today we are starting our Friday Team Talk!

Each week we’ll bring you posts from different members of the MobPartner team. Sharing their insights and expertise, our marketing experts will touch on all themes affecting the mobile world.

This gives you a real chance to get to know what makes us tick and learn more about the people bringing MobPartner’s services to you.

Today’s post is written by Mohamed Chellakh, MobPartner’s Business Development Manager:

“I stepped in on the MobPartner journey two years ago, and from the moment we raised $2.5M back in 2011, the route to success has been like riding a high-speed train. Even with the ambitious targets we set, we could never have expected to reach them in this short amount of time.

This morning our CEO, Vianney Settini, has summed up the MobPartner history during the Web2Day Digital Festival in Nantes, France. Since you can’t all be there, we’re sharing a short version of our journey through the infographic below which highlights the key points in our growth since those first days.

MobPartner - The story

Our Advertisers and Publishers helped us to conquer new territories, especially in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Now we are serving over 20 billion Ad requests per month, we have one office in Paris and one in London and we will soon open offices in San Francisco and in Asia.

Below is the present Traffic overview of MobPartner and our key numbers:

MobPartner - Traffic overview

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and new ideas for the following posts. Cheers!”

About Mohamed:

Mohamed Photo - MobPartnerMohamed joined the company back in 2011 as an Affiliates Manager. He is now Business Development Manager on the Publisher Side and helps our Affiliates to grow their revenue with MobPartner. He is responsible for sourcing new Premium Affiliates, leading strategic initiatives and advancing MobPartner’s overall business worldwide. He has been working in the mobile space since 2009 in different companies in the UK and in France.

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