In order to help all Media Buyers in optimizing their campaigns and generating more installs, we have decided to share with you the 5 best practices to design your own Mobile Advertisement for the application or mobile site that you are promoting.

Why customize your mobile ads? You will differentiate from all the other banners on the same campaign, you will bring more added value to your offer and optimize your results.

Please note that customized banners can be used only after MobPartner approval and all transactions generated from a not approved banner will be refused.

Below you will find 5 best practices to customize your banner:

1) Prominent logo


You want the brand to be present in your ad unit. This will increase brand awareness and brand recall. Be sure to include the brand logo in your banner design.

2) Fast Loading


Mobile banners need to load fast otherwise they don’t get seen. Minimizing the file size is crucial for your campaign success:

  • Features Phone Format: from 4Kb to 12Kb
  • Smart Phone format: from 12Kb to 70K
  • Tablet format: from 12Kb to 100Kb


3) Your Colors

Use bright complimentary colors, preferably those associated with the brand, application or mobile site that you are promoting.

4) Call to action


If you want people to click on your banner you need to include a ”call to action” in your banner. For example: Download Now, Sign up, Subscribe, Install for free (2-3 words).

5) Simple Text


Minimize the amount of text you use. People won’t read a novel. Get to the point, keep it clear, concise and uncluttered. (8-10 words).

Below you can find two examples of banner designs:banner2


Your banner design should include the following elements:

1App Icon & App Name

Immediately inform viewers of the brand that is advertising

2Main App functionality

Short, bold statement (8 words max). Express what makes the app special and why a users should download the app.


Express with a simple visual the main features or vertical.

4Call to action

If the app is free, say it! Use a clear button with 2–3 words. Use a color in contrast with the background.

Check with the Campaign Manager if you can use customized banners and start design your own!

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