For the third appointment with our “Friday Team Talk“, Nick Stebbings, MobPartner’s Sales Director for UK, has the floor.

Nick is based in London and he joined MobPartner team last April. Today we have the chance to get to know him a bit better with the following interview.

Hello Nick, can you talk a bit about yourself?

Definitely an 80’s child and bit of a media veteran having commenced my career before many of my colleagues were out of nappies and when print was king. How times have changed! I moved into digital in 1998 as part of the founding team at Following the sale of silicon to Cnet in 2002 I have spent time at Centaur and Haymarket publishing house trying to change attitudes towards digital and develop online strategies and revenues! I moved in to social gaming in 2010 when I joined Adperio, setting up the UK arm and spending far too much time playing online games. More recently I was consulting at TradeTracker, an online affiliate network.
Why did you decided to work at MobPartner? 
Having been in web affiliate, there had to be something more exciting and more dynamic. We were always being asked by clients about our mobile strategy and there was never an answer for them. The opportunity in mobile performance (and by performance I mean pure performance, not CPC) is amazing and will only expand over the next few years. Having come across MobPartner previously, it was always a company that I admired for its ground breaking approach. Then after visiting the management team in Paris it was an easy decision to join them. Their vision, dedication and overall approach to the company and the sector made them a stand out team.
What do I like about the company?
The attitude to food! Every Friday morning a member of team is cooking breakfast for everybody. I had to chance to taste it during my last visit in Paris Headquarters. I fancy myself as a bit of a chef so to enjoy the cuisine is superb.
What is the biggest challenge in your position?
Challenging the attitude towards the display networks in order to show that there is a much better way to spend their mobile budget. Standard display models only go so far and a number of clients that I have been dealing with didn’t even realise they could run true performance metrics on mobile. Also, there is an enormous amount of ground to cover between clients in various verticals and ad agencies. Putting these issues together takes time but I have no doubt that attitudes are already shifting.

What are the particularities of the UK market?

I wouldn’t say there were peculiarities. I wouldn’t because I am so used to the market. However, the ad agencies are still a major force in the UK and this always creates an additional level of decision making to get through.  We are probably more highly strung and grumpy! That’s no doubt due to the transport system in London and the constant tube problems! 🙂

What do you see coming in the mobile market in the coming years?
A definite and continued growth in performance marketing. We have already seen growth in m-Commerce but I would expect this to grow rapidly over the next 12-18 months as more companies follow the lead of the Debenhams, John Lewis, Argos etc. Also, with more and more apps hitting the market a focus on in-app tracking. Clients need to be able to measure the value.
What advice do you give to new sales people?

People buy people, always be happy and meet as many people as possible!

Thanks for your time Nick!

About Nick:

Nick joined MobPartner in April 2013 as Sales Director UK establishing the presence of the company in the British mobile market. A marketing, IT and media specialist, Nick moved into the performance market in 2010, setting up Adperio in England and subsequently consulting at TradeTracker.


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