Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market in the world and the largest after Asia. The number of subscribers on the continent has grown almost 20% each year for the past five years, according to a recent GSMA  report and the development of mobile broadband is expected to lead to rapid increases in mobile traffic.

This has already been experienced in South Africa, where mobile data usage grew on average by 490% per year between 2007 (when it was introduced) and 2010. South Africa is one of the most populous countries in Africa and it has the highest mobile penetration and teledensity (number of telephone connections for every hundred individuals living within an area) in the Sub-Saharan Region with over 50 million connections.

Mobile penetration and fixed teledensity in the five key markets and Senegal

Africans are more predisposed to receive advertising on their phones than their global peers. According to Millward Brown’s AdReaction report 2012, around 30 percent of the South African population perceive favorably advertisements on mobile phones and tablets.

At the moment MobPartner has 20 active affiliation campaigns in South Africa and 3 new ones has been launched last week on the platform:

KV Singles

Kulaville is a place to share and rate photos and also to meet and chat with people near you. You can bookmark your favorite photos, follow people you like and start a private chat with a user. Rate pictures to elect the funniest photo, the best smile and a lot more.

  • Business Model: Cost per Subscription
  • OS allowed: Open to all OS
  • Average CR: Up to 3%



Kulaville Chat

Kulaville Instant Messenger  is a client service connected to Kulaville that allows premium clients to chat with anyone, anywhere and anytime. You just need a click to start talking to singles near you and he/she will receive the message even if is not online. It works on all mobile handsets, including yours!

  • Business Model: Cost per Subscription
  • OS allowed: Open to all OS
  • Average CR: Up to 2%




CellSpice is the “go-to” adult mobile site in South Africa. Users will surf with an unlimited access on the site and will view the sexiest pictures and videos on their mobile. With all content intelligently categorized, it is pretty easy to find just what users could be interested in.

  • Business Model: Cost per Subscription
  • OS allowed: Open to all OS
  • Average CR: Up to 6%



If you want to learn more about how best to promote MobPartner’s campaigns in South Africa, contact campaign manager Eloisa Dubert directly at



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  1. The rapid growth is overwhelming and it only means one thing, it is the best thing mobile marketers could ever hope for. This could also mean great things for the country’s economic, technological and overall growth.

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