More used to writing less personal blog posts concerning the mobile world, here for Friday Team Talk, MobPartner marketing executive manager, Marzia Tagliabue, tells us why she’s lost without her fix of Geo-location.

“Apart from cooking (well I am Italian), there’s another thing I’m passionate about and that’s the geo-location phenomenon. I’ve been a fan since it launched in 2009 with the successful Foursquare, and to date I’ve clocked up 6,579 check-ins.  Incredibly I am also holding down more than 50 mayorships around the world (unfortunately not the MobPartner office) and I’ve gained almost 100 badges… yep, you could say that I am a Foursquare addict!

Marzia 4SQ mayor

Nowadays sharing your location with friends by publishing it on social media like Foursquare or Facebook Places, has become a common habit.  If you want to know where your friends are, then you just need to check online.

Putting on my professional hat, I also admire geo-location for its business possibilities. The idea of putting together mobility, advertising and users locations has enormous potential for the next generation of mobile advertising.

According to recent statistics, 25% of iPhone users and 35% of Android users have opted-in for location tracking on their phones. This number is going to increase soon with the Apple approach of asking for activation of location when apps are opened for the first time.

How does this benefit business? Brands and agencies can build local strategies through the location based advertisement in applications or mobile websites, with SMS, MMS or push messages, and on search engines too.

What are the benefits for Advertisers?

  • location based advertisementPrecise targeting: a tailored ad can be precisely delivered to a user in a specific radius within 200 meters or 20 kilometers based on its location and at the most relevant moment. For example once I’ve checked-in in a restaurant for lunch and I’ve received a special offer for a coffee in the shop next door. What’s better than this?
  • Cost effective: since campaigns are very precise, less page impressions are wasted, the click trough rates are increased by up to 300% and the return on investment is maximized.
  • Privacy sensitive campaigns: no cookies are installed on the user’s device and no personally identifiable information is collected or stored. User’s privacy is completely preserved.

Which sectors could gain more from geo-location? Retailers, the automotive industry, hotel chains, restaurants and airlines. Even small companies can build local strategies to compete with big brands.

Two years ago I read an article on Mashable about a campaign called “Check in, Snack out” by the German pet food company GranataPet. The idea was to install 10 innovative billboards connected with foursquare servers to promote the new dog food. When a person walked in front of the billboard and checked-in, a sample of dog food came out automatically from a dispenser. This video explains more:

The campaign is a nice example of a small business using a geo-location service to increase sales locally and the results were amazing: more than 100 check-ins on the first day of launch, 28% more sales of GranataPet in the 10 days of the campaign and an increase in sales of 14% annually.

The long-term success of geo-location is guaranteed: ad targeting will be more precise and will increase user engagement by providing them with precise ads and incentives (coupons, vouchers, deals, special offers).  Brands now have the possibility to build a loyal customer basis on mobile.

If you have any questions on this blog, thanks to Geo-location, I’m easy to find!”

About Marzia

Marzia Tagliabue - Marketing ManagerMarzia joined MobPartner in October 2012 and is now Marketing Executive Manager dealing with brand communication, social media marketing, PR and events organisation. Marzia is passionate about mobile and new technologies, social networking and blogging – which is lucky as these activities are a huge part of her role at MobPartner.



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