The fifth blog in our Friday Team Talk series gives you the opportunity to learn a bit more about daily life at MobPartner. Annaëlle Simon, Product Manager at MobPartner, explains us how it works.

“Firstly, let me introduce myself, I am Annaëlle, part of the product team and at 23 years old I am also the youngest employee of MobPartner.

What I like most here is the young, dynamic and creative atmosphere within the company. Even if we don’t have playground slides or pool tables like the Google offices (and as in other cool workplaces across the world), we do have some interesting stuff!

5 Cool Things happening at MobPartner HeadQuarters

  • On a usual day here at MobPartner we hear people working in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.  In fact more than 10 nationalities are collaborating in our offices and this provides many advantages: it makes us think outside of the box when faced with a problem. Well I guess we have invented our own MobPartner language!
  • Another distinctive feature of the MobPartner team is that we love team building activities and especially parties!  For example, here you can see a picture taken during the strategic Mobinar (MobPartner + Seminar) in December 2012. We spent two days in a castle next to Paris holding brainstorming meetings, strategy meetings… and a huge party!


    Mobinar dinner – December 2012

  • Each time team members go to a congress somewhere in the world they bring back souvenirs.  After few years of traveling we have collected a multitude of useless, funny things to play with…


    Souvenirs from around the world

  • Next, let’s talk food.  In a secret cupboard we keep an array of free snacks, candies and beverages. We also enjoy free unlimited coffee and tea.  Moreover, every Friday morning a member of the team prepares breakfast for everyone. The most common breakfast is of course croissants and other French traditional food, but we have seen some other exotic attempts!
mobpartner friday breakfast

Friday’s breakfast at MobPartner

  • Finally, as we moved to brand new offices which are ten times bigger than before, to get around more quickly we have recently received a new toy, the MobPartner scooter – in orange of course! See it in action in the video below:

Don’t you thing that MobPartner is the perfect place to work? If yes you can apply for a job, see our current openings.

About Annaëlle:
annaelleAnnaëlle joined MobPartner in February 2013 as Product Manager.  Just a few months ago she was still an engineering student based both in France and Spain.  Now she’s an active part of the MobPartner team, involved in many projects and acting as the link between the business team (sales, marketing & account management) and the technical team (developers & technical support).

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