With Google Play taking a bite out of Apple’s global market dominance, our decision to create an Android Application testament to the rise of this mighty OS.

With reports showing that 2.5 bn Android apps are being downloaded each month, this smart analytical tool will help MobPartner Publishers to keep track of ongoing campaigns, transactions made, earnings in real time, wherever they may be.

Here’s the main features of the app:

  • Fast response
  • Real-time statistics of the last 30 days
  • Sort earnings from the highest to the lower
  • Sort campaigns in alphabetical order
  • Campaign’s trend graphs

screenshot mobpartner 1

screenshot mobpartner 2

This native mobile utility brings real-time stats direct to your touch screen by automatically and efficiently downloading them from your MobPartner Publisher account. All the aggregated data is conveniently delivered on a periodic basis ensuring optimal time response. This powerful and flexible app provides real-time customized stats on demand.

Moreover if you are an Android publisher, you can monetize more effectively your campaigns and easily integrate ads in your mobile app with our Android Publisher SDK.

Whilst Android is leading the way for this app, we are soon to launch the iOS version and also a HTML5 web app, so that all our valued publishers will be able to keep track of their earnings while on the move.

Get real-time campaign stats at your fingertipsDownload MobPartner Application for Android now! 

After having downloaded and tested the app give us your feedback filling this short survey to help us improve the next version.

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  1. This is really a very nice application. We can now get to know the complete statistics of earnings and campaigns on the fly. Thanks for sharing…

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