Questions from Affiliates about how to work with us are very frequent. In order to answer all your questions we have decided to create a series of video tutorials to guide all Affiliates in working with MobPartner.

This first video explains how to sign up on MobParter platform, what kind of account to create and how to declare a service that you want to monetize.

You can create three different kind of accounts on MobPartner:

  • Publisher: If you manage a Mobile Site, an iPhone App, an iPad App, an Android App, a JAVA App, a Blackberry APP, a WP7 App or you own a SMS or Emailing service. Please note that you can register a service on our platform only if you are the owner of this service.
  • Media Buyer: If you buy traffic on other Ad Networks to bring users to our CPA campaigns. You should declare on which Ad Network you buy traffic.
  • Ad Network: If you manage a CPC Network to monetize your unsold traffic, a CPA Network to import our offers for your own affiliates, an Ad Network Aggregator to add MobPartner on your networks list.

After having created a service, you need to wait for MobPartner validation before starting subscribing to our campaigns. Validation can take between 24 and 48 hours.

Click here to create an account on MobPartner.

In the coming weeks more video tutorials on how to subscribe to a campaign and how to request a payment will be live. For any other doubts you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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