In order to have the highest possible revenue from ad spending, Advertisers needs to continuously track their ads’ performance variables.

MobPartner give the possibility to advertisers to use our in-house tracking solution or to rely on third-party tracking solutions.

MobPartner is now integrated with Flurry, one of the most famous measurement and advertising platform for mobile applications.

flurry-logo2Flurry Analytics is the industry’s leading mobile analytics service and it is used by more than 115,000 companies across more than 350,000 applications.

Advertisers and App Marketers that want to optimize their traffic acquisition spending are using a completely free tool provided by Flurry that compares different channels and optimize the ROI of their marketing spending.

Flurry User Acquisition Analytics (UAA) is a channel tracking solution that can track all of the install campaigns you are running across different channels (e.g. ad networks, mobile web, email). Beyond simply tracking impressions, clicks and installs, Flurry User Acquisition Analytics enables Advertisers to measure the quality of acquired users based on how they engage with the app, their demographics and whether they eventually spend money.

flurry mobpartner

Flurry User Acquisition Analytics can track MobPartner’s campaigns by comparing clicks, installs and the quality of installs. In order to use this solution you just need to create an account on Flurry, add your Android or iOS application and access to the analytics dashboards. In the User Acquisition Dashboard you can track all the campaigns that you are running on MobPartner by simply adding the campaign ID.

Read more about all our the third party tracking solutions integrated in our platform.

For issues with MobPartner in-house tracking solution or integration of third-party tracking solutions contact

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