How do you think it feels to play a game with the entire world? Starting from tomorrow you will know it!

Game of War: Fire Age will be released tomorrow July 25th in the Apple App Store by Machine Zone. MobPartner will accompany the worldwide launch of this Massive Multiplayer Application with a affiliate campaign in 50 countries.

In Game of War you can build and customize your own empire with farms, camps, mines and barracks from soldiers and ally with other players. As king of your empire you can amass your army to attack and conquer your enemies’ territories to create the strongest kingdom ever.

One of the most amazing features of the game is the instantaneous translation of the on-line chat: you can befriend, chat, help, and destroy people from all over the world in this real time game of global conquest!

game of war chat

MobPartner is glad to launch an affiliation campaign for Game of War iPhone and iPad App in 50 countries. All Publisher promoting it will be rewarded with high commission thanks to the interesting payouts, the wide range of countries available and the innovative concept of the game.

Game of War Fire Age – iPhone & iPad App

  • Business Model: Cost per iPhone & iPad App Install
  • OS allowed: iOS 4.3 or later ()
  • Countries: 50

To join the campaign now click here!

If you have any questions regarding this campaign please feel free to contact the campaign manager Chloé:
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