In Friday Team Talk post #9, our Publisher Executive, Issam Skalli talks about the never ending “war” between Android and iOS to gain the top of the mobile market.

In spite of his interest in Android, Issam has analyzed with a critic and objective eye all the battles that have been fought between the two opponents and he decrees who is the winner of the “mobile war”!

“The vivid rivalry between iOS and Android has been the topic of countless debates amongst mobile gurus and amateur users alike. I’ve been vouching for Android ever since I bought my first Samsung Galaxy S. Some of my friends were convinced after looking at my pimped UI, but most laughed and stated their attachment to their iPhone. I didn’t understand this devotion at the time, I probably still don’t, but I accept it now. Although I try to influence “phonatics” to switch to Android, my actions have a limited impact, they’re meaningless! What’s important to know is whose leading the mobile race today but also who’s going to be the dominating voice in the next few years.

What I want to share with you today are the different facets of this competition. The leader is not simply determined by its number of users; there are many more factors to consider…

Battle #1: The number of devices

We should note that since Android is an open-source platform – many device manufacturers have made smartphones that run Android. Moreover, the variety of devices available on Android makes it appealing to a multitude of market segments and at lower prices that iPhones. These criteria give Google the edge over Apple with a device market share of 52% to 39% respectively. However, Android dropped 2% while iOS climbed a staggering 4% in just one quarter!

In Q4 of 2012, the number of Android smartphone shipments was more than 3 times the one of iOS (IDC).

smartphone shipments 2012

This is not only a temporary state in the market, but it’s likely to remain as the standard in the industry. By contrast, although Apple dominates the tablet market, iPad is not in a safe place in the long-term as the added value of Android smartphones might catch-up to the tablet market.

Battle #1 Winner: Android


Battle #2: Application Downloads

Now here is a battle that Google is clearly winning. Obviously with more devices in circulation, it is only consequential that Android users download more. In fact, Android users download 25% more than iOS users. See the chart below.

canalys app downloads 2012Battle #2 Winner: Android


Battle #3 : Application Revenue

Yes, the number of downloads matter, but it doesn’t seem to faze Apple. Actually, the App Store brings in more revenue that does the Play Store. iOS hosts a wider selection of applications and its users spend a lot more time on paid applications. So much so that in April of this year, the top 200 apps in the App Store generated over $5 Million, 460% more than the $1.1 Million earned on the Google Play Store.

Apple could be winning this battle now, but Android is climbing fast – since last quarter, Google saw in increase from 19% to 27% in combined applications revenue. This trend is set to continue, providing Google with a golden opportunity to seize more ground in the mobile and win Battle #3.

Battle #3 Winner: iOS


Battle #4: Time Spent on Device

smartphone time spent

Thanks to the insights from Experian, we see that iPhone users spend 26 more minutes per day on their device compared to Android users. This battle is however fought on multiple fronts:

Android users spend more time:

  • Talking
  • Surfing the web

iOS users spend more time:

  • Texting
  • Emailing
  • Taking photos
  • Social Networking

**It would be interesting to see application usage and time spent.

Battle #4 Winner: iOS


Battle #5: Mobile Advertising Revenue

This is the final battle that’s going to determine who is winning the war of mobile domination.

Advertising is a major monetization solution. As developers and publishers are looking for a higher ROI, mobile advertising becomes a major driving force in determining the success of a mobile platform.

So let’s get to it! Our friends from Velti have produced this chart to summarize it all:

smartphone advertising

Apple’s advantage today is most likely going to aggregate to a more comfortable position in the future as app monetization is a major driving force in attracting developers.

Battle #5 Winner: iOS



As an Android user / fanatic, it pains me to say that this final battle determines the winner and the leader in the Mobile world – iOS! But can Android bounce back? And How?”

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

About Issam:

Issam Skalli - MobPartner Publisher ExecutiveIssam has recently joined the MobPartner team in June as a Publisher Executive. After receiving his Bachelors degree in the Miami and his Masters in Business Development in Grenoble, Issam is now building a life and a career in Paris. A few months ago, he was helping a heathcare start-up develop its activity in Morocco (his home country). Passionate about technology and the mobile world, his “mission” today is to help publishers improve their ROI.


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  1. Very interesting !

    Thanks Issam 🙂

  2. Yahaya Adams says:

    I will go with IOS phone because it has many features.

  3. Imran Khan says:

    Amazing article…..
    it presents a clear image of Both platforms……
    and data provided by you are also very intresting….
    Thanks Issam

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