Stop press! With the shift from print to digital media gathering speed, MobPartner’s ‘LeKiosk’ campaign launch is a hot topic.

Traditional print media is in decline and with AdWeek this week reporting that digital media grew in market share from 20.8 percent to 23.9 percent of the overall ad spend for Q2, consumer access to magazines anytime, anywhere offers huge potential to advertisers.

What’s more, the trend is set to continue. Data from the NAA (Newspaper Association of America) reported in showed print revenues of US newspapers declining 4-8% annually and digital revenues increasing at healthy annual rates of 5-10%.

Europe’s media landscape follows a similar pattern, as digital media becomes more prevalent in people’s lives with the boom in tablet and smartphone use. According to a summary by the European Journalism Centre France ranks sixth in the world of internet users, whilst 28% of French people have read a newspaper online. Eighty-two people out of 100 have a mobile phone subscription in France and most tellingly, the main newspapers all have versions of their online editions that are compatible with mobile phones. The same is true in Italy, where 61.3% (30 million) of the population between 11 and 74 years old have access to the internet.

LeKiosk is the leading digital magazines and newspapers service in France and is rapidly expanding around Europe, attracting high user numbers in the UK and Italy. Ranked #1 grossing iPad app and #1 grossing iPhone app (news category) in France since its launch in 2011, much of its success comes from its innovative payment plan, where consumers can either purchase magazines on a one-off basis or as part of a subscription to its ‘10 magazines for €9.99’ monthly bundle.


Slick and beautifully rendered in 3D, the app enables people to browse, sample and purchase titles from a rotating virtual newsstand. Users can download magazines from over 800 titles from publishers including: the BBC, Conde Nast, Lagardère, Prisma, Mondadori and more. Magazines are also displayed in a visually intriguing way that is designed to recreate the feeling of reading in print.

MobPartner has recently launched an affiliation campaign from LeKiosk which allow Publisher to monetize their traffic by generating leads and offering a free magazine to users subscribing.

LeKiosk – Lead Tablet – iPad and Android

  • Business Model: Cost per Lead
  • Device allowed: only iPad and Android Tablet
  • Countries: France and Italy
  • Conversion user flow: User chose a magazine and register via FACEBOOK Connect or via a simple signing

To join the campaign now click here!

To take advantage of the MobPartner LeKiosk campaign, speak to your campaign manager Frederic Delga by contacting him at

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