MobPartner is happy to announce the release of the new reporting interface on the Publisher dashboard.

The new interface has been already tested from some selected Publishers that have identified the main improvements:

  • Faster data calculation and export
  • Better ergonomics
  • More precise targeting

Depending on the quality standards that Publishers are looking for, there are two different modes of checking their earnings: a basic mode and an expert mode.

The basic mode had the same interface as the previous reporting interface. We have added the buttons “Merge” and “All” in order to provide concise data.

statistics basic mode

The expert mode gives Publishers the possibility to do a thorough analysis of their campaigns’ results using a complete range of dimensions.

statistics expert mode

The use of the new reporting interface will provide Publishers with detailed information on the transactions made and will allow them to better optimize their campaigns with very precise targeting and maximization of their revenue.

Check this out now:

If you want to give us your feedback on this tool or if you have other ideas to improve our products, please send an e-mail to

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