Thanks to the global economic crisis, going on holiday is no longer affordable for everybody. This is just one factor causing travellers to change their holiday booking behavior and adopt a money saving attitude.

A few years ago, travel agencies and all-inclusive trips were the preferred choices for those in search of sun, sea and sand.  Now people wanting to find the best deal for flights and hotels are using help from online and mobile channels.

price comparisonAccording to a recent study about travellers & purchase paths published in Europe, one in five people prefer to book a holiday via their mobile and more than half of those planning a getaway use performance marketing channels for price comparison and daily deals sites and apps.

Since last year MobPartner has kept up with the travel trend on mobile by launching many affiliate travel campaigns with amazing results. MobPartner has partnered with some of the biggest brands in hotel and travel booking to increase their brand visibility on mobile by helping them to acquire quality users that became loyal customers in the long term and performed bookings within the downloaded apps.

Following the actual users’ trend last week we launched new campaigns for two price comparison applications for hotels and flights: Hotel Quickly and Easy Voyage.


Book hotel rooms last minute with up to 70% discount from regular price. HotelQuickly is a same-day hotel booking app for boutique, 3*, 4* and 5* hotels in Asia. You can book a hotel everyday for the same night until 2am. Do you want to get the best deal, maybe for tonight?

Hotel Quickly iPhone App

  • Business Model: Cost per iPhone App Install
  • OS allowed: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Countries: Hong Kong, Singapore

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Hotel Quickly Android App

  • Business Model: Cost per Android App Install
  • OS allowed: Android 2.2 or later
  • Countries: Hong Kong, Singapore

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EasyVoyage iPhone App

The travel companion EasyVoyage is one of the best travel app on the market. It is the best assistant to help you plan and prepare your future travels. EasyVoyage offers great destinations, you can search and compare and take advantage of the best flying tickets, hotel rooms and stay via your iPhone and iPad.

  • Business Model: Cost per iPhone App Install
  • OS allowed: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Countries: France

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