Last week Shira Gal, also called Internet Marketing Duru (Guru of Doing) gave space on her blog to MobPartner interviewing the Marketing Manager Marzia Tagliabue about what makes MobPartner special, what are the offers in our portfolio and so on.

Today we have decided to return the favor asking Shira some tips on how to start with Mobile Marketing and what is her experience with that. She has certainly a lot to say about this…  Listen her up!

Hello Shira, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

 I have been in Internet Marketing since 2009 and started out with affiliate CPA offers. I used to do a lot of Adwords until Google started getting tougher and more expensive so I turned to SEO and video marketing which worked very well.

 Over time I expanded my skill set to include more marketing elements , especially social media, and still have consulting clients I enjoy helping expand and develop their online presence.

 I created my Duru site (Duru being the anti guru – the no hype guru of doing), to share my growing knowledge with the world and demystify the art of internet marketing.

 I began publishing with Kindle a few years back (before it became a serious buzz word) and enjoy publishing and helping others publish and market their books both on and off Amazon. In fact I have clients worldwide who I talk to on Skype and help them get bestseller status and achieve their publishing goals.

 And last but not at all least I am heavily into mobile marketing, app marketing and mobile affiliate CPA. I always like to diversify and try new things such as pay per call marketing, mobile CPA and especially mobile games and apps.


What made you get into mobile marketing? How was your experience?

 I started out consulting for app developers and companies on how to monetize, optimize and market their apps. On the road I discovered the world of mobile affiliate networks and the rest is history!

 My first steps were a little scary. Mobile marketing is very different from web based marketing and it is hard to get someone who is already doing well to sit down and show you the ropes.

 Everyone keeps their cards very close to their chest (understandably so, as large amounts of money are involved).

I am extremely persistent. I think that is one of the most important things that helped me get to this point. And I learned to pay attention to the smallest details, which can be super important when it comes to mobile.

 I tried out a lot of different networks and began forming relationships both on the affiliate network side and on the traffic network side. All in all I put in a lot of effort and hours to become successful with mobile marketing and do believe this is the future. It is hard to describe the thrill of hitting the right offer with the right traffic and watch the conversions fly in. It can get very exciting.


In your opinion, what are the most cost effective means of acquiring traffic on mobile for advertisers and publishers?

I strongly believe in self serve networks that provide real time bidding and data. For the most part I have found that full service networks are much harder to do well in and to control your spend and optimize on the fly.

I also believe in using competitive intelligence tools to gather data and see what is working for other advertisers and publishers. Researching offers and which devices are prevalent in specific countries can also save you a lot of money when testing out new campaigns.

The most cost effective way to buy traffic is to start with a limited budget and then scale up. To do this successfully you will need to apply some tracking and be willing to sacrifice a testing budget that will ultimately save you a boatload long term.


What would be your top 3 suggestions to the newbies in the mobile space?

 1. Start small. You don’t have to have a large budget to get started. I started with $10 and now can do media buys for thousands. Watch your dollars and cents. Everything adds up. Sometimes you can make more money promoting an offer with a lower payout than one with a higher payout. Get started promoting offers in one vertical and get to know it well. Try new traffic sources one by one and master them. Don’t spread yourself too thin before you have control on your spend and data.

 2. Be persistent. All experienced mobile affiliates started somewhere and had to learn the ropes and gain experience. Everyone loses and wins some. The trick is to win more than you lose and to get an understanding of what works. Ask as many questions as you can and try to identify trends. Keep a file for your Eureka moments. You will discover vast differences and similarities between different countries, device types and offers. Develop a love for sifting through your data and learning to identify profitable campaigns. Don’t get attached and don’t judge. You will be surprised that something you would not personally download can be a big hit and vice versa.

 3. Work on developing relationships with affiliate managers and networks. Relationships will help you get to the next level when you are in a position to negotiate higher payouts and payment terms.


What’s your experience with MobPartner?

When I first joined MobPartner I had no idea how it worked. But after I played around with the system I realized what a goldmine of offers and stats are available and I was truly blown away.

After a few months I began to really grasp how to apply for campaigns, and how to properly search and run data reports. I have found the campaign managers to be extremely professional and on a very high level (especially compared to other networks).

And over time as relationships formed I consider MobPartner to be my ally, a company with the same goals that wants me to make as much money as possible and is willing to cultivate serious affiliates and take them to the next level.


What do you see as the next challenge for the mobile space?

 As the market gains traction I believe competition will get much fiercer. Right now it is still relatively easy to get started and get in to profit. For me personally, the next challenge is to master new traffic sources and to expand the portfolio of verticals I am active in; as always with a watchful eye on my return on investment.


Since now you are a mobile “Duru” (guru of doing), MobPartner is very curious to know your mobile preference when it comes to smartphones.

In other words, what smartphone do you work with on a day-to-day? Android, iPhone or Black Berry?

Ha! I get asked this all the time! I actually have an iPhone which I got to support my App Developer clients, who I consult with on app SEO and App marketing. But I often use my daughter’s Android and believe that ultimately Android will win the battle. For my day to day mobile marketing I go old school and use a desktop. I find it easier to analyze data on a big screen and will probably get a tablet to try out MobPartner’s new app to manage my campaigns when I travel.

Thank you for your time, Shira!


About Shira:

Shira GalShira Gal is an entrepreneur with a truly global perspective and keen interest in people. Having lived, worked, and studied abroad extensively over the past 30 years Shira has developed an awareness of other cultures and ways of doing business which is reflected in everything she does. As CEO and chief of IMDuru (the no hype guru of doing), Shira has built a business helping others achieve success in addition to her own successful SEO campaigns. Shira holds a keen interest in publishing, marketing and making a real difference by personal example.

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  1. shula megiddo says:

    Hi Shira,

    When you say:’Get started promoting offers in one vertical’ – what exactly do you mean? Stick to one country? One carrier in a campaign? One channel?

    shula megiddo

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