Working on the publisher side as an account manager, Jessica Petit-Breuilh has the know-how to give you some basics tips on how to get started in mobile advertising for this week’s Friday Team Talk post.

“If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll understand that something big is brewing in the mobile advertising industry!

Indeed mobile ad revenues have increased by 82% moving from $5.3 billion in 2011 to $8.9 billion in 2012 and this number is expected to grow to $19.7 billion in 2017. Clearly, if you are thinking of joining this industry then this is the best time to do it!

On the publisher side we always have a lot of newbie publishers registering on our platform and asking for tips on how to get started. This is why I thought that it could be helpful to share the dos & don’ts to make the most of your mobile advertising investment.


What type of traffic is best converting?

No set traffic type is better converting than others. For publishers wishing to monetize their traffic it is crucial to understand what drives users and what would increase their retention rate. From this point publishers can select the right campaign accordingly. Luckily with the rapid growth of the mobile industry, more and more campaigns from different verticals/categories are available – making it easier for publishers to cater to the needs of their users.

Media buyers have to buy traffic from Ad Networks to promote MobPartner’s campaigns. The most common platform for beginners is Buzzcity which has worldwide traffic but is doing exceptionally well in emerging markets. Note that these markets are oriented toward feature phones traffic (wap, java, symbian) meaning that the minimum bid is low – a perfect entry point for beginners and low-budget media buyers.

CPC platforms that are specialized in smartphone traffic are: Adfonic, Jumptap, mMedia.

We have created a detailed map which lists many Ad Networks with some comments. You can find it here: traffic sources map


What factors should you consider when setting up a campaign?

When you are about to set up a MobPartner campaign into your mobile site/app or Buzzcity platform you need to:

  • Carefully read the campaign restrictions so as to meet the campaign targeting (OS, carrier, country)
  • Set up a MobPartner targeting link easily using copy & paste
  • Download the campaign creatives that you find on MobPartner’s description page. If you want to use your own creatives you need to first submit them to the campaign manager for approval.

Let’s take the campaign Binbit as an example. The offer is open in Argentina, so to successfully promote it you have to have traffic in Argentina or buy traffic in this country, otherwise you’ll send traffic that will not be recorded.



Why is testing crucial?

To succeed in generating money you need to manage your campaigns on a daily basis. Even if everyone is working differently, the first three rules are test, test and test to be able to find the best performing targeting for a campaign. Basically split testing consists of duplicating a campaign with one different parameter at a time. It’s a feature more relevant for media buyers but the general idea behind it can be valuable for all publishers.

For example, for a US campaign you have to create at least 3 separate campaigns: one per carrier (i.e. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T). Once some traffic has been sent to these 3 campaigns, you’ll see which one performs better based on its EPC. You can also split test by creatives and OS.

split testing campaigns


What is a SubID used for?

The SubID is a technical parameter that allows you to differentiate your split test into MobPartner’s stats. It will allow you to see which one is converting better. To use it you’ll only have to add the parameter on MobPartner’s target url.



Publishers can use this parameter to have statistics per different adspace within their mobile site or their app. It will help them to see which page is converting better and adjust campaigns accordingly




What data do you have to monitor?

The reporting interface should help you optimize your traffic and concentrate it on the best converting campaigns. The following data is very important to consider:

  • EPC (Earning Per Click): It’s your key earnings. It represents the earnings that you’re receiving for each click. A good EPC is above $0.01 otherwise you are not fully monetizing your service.
  • Invalid clicks: This represents the traffic sent that did not match the campaign targeting. For example you send traffic from the UK to a campaign only Open in the US, or you send Android traffic to a campaign only open for iPhone. Moreover, invalid clicks on a campaign can also mean that traffic is being sent to an offer that is paused.
  • CR (Conversion Rate): Is the ratio between the number of clicks and transactions. CR= Transactions/Clicks. A CR between 0.5% to 2% is generally a good thing because it means you’re seeing many transactions and earnings. It’s also a helpful metric to understand if you have quality traffic.

I hope that this post will help you to find the right answers to your questions and give you the necessary grounds to become a successful publisher on MobPartner.”

About Jessica:
jessica petit-breuilhAfter graduating from a business school Jessica started her career in a digital agency before joining MobPartner as a product manager 18 months ago. After showing promising business and diplomatic skills she was welcomed in to the publisher team. Jessica is now responsible for managing some of our publisher community to help them grow their activity with MobPartner.

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