From banking to online purchases and apps requesting personal information, our reliance on smartphones to conduct our daily lives opens a troubling portal to security risks.

According to estimates from The International Telecommunication Union there were 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide at the end of 2012 – equivalent to 96% of the world population.

Worryingly the awareness of security risks and the use of mobile security protection is small in comparison.  And due to its global popularity, Android is a big target, with a recent report by Public Intelligence stating that 79 percent of all mobile threats in 2012 targeted Android.

For this reason, MobPartner has worked closely with leading mobile security companies since 2012, generating millions of downloads for cutting edge security applications in over 28 countries.

With these campaigns performing as top CPI campaigns on MobPartner, to build on this expertise and further protect the valuable information stored on users’ smartphones, MobPartner has launched last week a campaign for Teebik Mobile Security.


This must-have app is an All-in-One mobile security companion, which protects Android devices against virus, malware, spyware, trojans and phone hacking. With antivirus, anti-harassment, system optimization and privacy protection features, the app offers essential all-round Android protection.

The campaign is live in Norway, where 98% of people have a mobile phone and in Spain and Malaysia, where 89% and 85% of the population respectively use smartphones.  The protection not only scans for harmful viruses and malicious apps, but also detects and removes malware, enhances battery life and works to free up unused memory.


Teebik Mobile Security – Android App

  • Business Model: Cost per Android App Install
  • OS allowed: Android 2.2 and up
  • Countries: Spain, Norway, Malaysia



Mobile security protection is essential and the biggest current market trend as users become aware of the increasing risks.  Subscribe now to Teebik campaign!

To learn more about MobPartner’s security application campaigns, you can contact the campaign manager Jhane at



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