Have you ever thought about sharing car journeys with ‘strangers’ heading in your direction to save money on your travel costs? Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, carpooling makes this possible.

Carpooling or drive sharing is the collaborative and organized use of a vehicle by a non-professional driver and one or more passengers to commute along the same journey at compatible times.

Sharing journeys reduces each person’s travel costs such as fuel expenditure and tolls, combats the stress of driving and is also a sustainable way to travel since it reduces carbon emissions and traffic congestion on the roads.

android blablacarThe popularity of the internet and mobile phones has facilitated the growth of drive sharing, enabling people to offer and find rides thanks to easy-to-use and reliable online transport marketplaces.

For example in France there are more than 200 carpooling services used by over 3 million people. The market leading French website is BlaBlaCar, previously known as Covoiturage.fr, a community marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride.

This drive sharing site was created in France in 2004 and has recently been re-branded with the name BlaBlaCar in order to be easily understandable to its international users. The service is now active in 8 European countries: France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.

MobPartner has today launched a campaign to promote the BlaBlaCar Android application in France. Publishers will be rewarded with high revenues due to the success of this website and the rise of the car pooling market in France.

BlaBlaCar Android App

  • Business Model: Cost per Android App Install
  • OS allowed: Android 2.2 and up
  • Country: France


Since 2004 the members of BlaBlaCar have travelled together for 2 billions kilometers and have economized 182M €.  The infographic below shows the figures that BlaBlaCar has achieved.



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