This week’s engaging Friday Team Talk from MobPartner sales manager, Etienne Dupont, discusses the transition towards cost-per-engagement (CPE) campaigns.

“When I joined MobPartner over two years ago, a few visionary advertisers asked us if we were able to generate downloads for their Apps or registration leads on a performance based model.  And they were not talking about CPC, the leading business model at that time.

Over a one and a half year period, the mobile advertising market has been transformed by the emergence of an intense focus on performance.  There are many reasons for this:

• Massive increase in the marketing budgets to acquire mobile users.

• Improvement of the tracking & reporting tools providing accurate campaign monitoring.

• Constant growth of mobile traffic.

• Explosive growth of agencies & ad networks offering this type of service (MobPartner was a pioneer, let’s not forget… 😉 )

Thus, CPI (Cost-Per-Install) campaigns in particular have become king.

But advertisers quickly realized that a user who has downloaded their app, does not automatically become a good customer, or a customer at all. To convert this individual, they must offer a fantastic app with an optimized flow, to clinch them as a fan of the product.  Let’s take and its application, Candy Crush as an example – 40 million users with a daily 6-digit revenue.

To avoid wasting their marketing budget on ghost users, advertisers want to go even further with these performance campaigns.

cpeAccordingly, new business models appear.  Soon the talk will be all about CPE campaigns (Cost-Per-Engagement). But what does this model really offer?

For example, a travel company would only pay for users which have at least made one single holiday search; whilst a game developer would only pay for users that have passed a level, etc.  This model is very flexible depending on the way the advertisers monetize their application (in-App purchase, advertising, sales, etc.)

Whilst this new transition will happen gradually, MobPartner is well equipped for this new step, with our tracking & reporting tools already evolving in preparation.”

Happy Friday!

About Etienne:

etienneEtienne comes from an engineering and commercial background. He joined the company in 2011 as Sales Manager after finishing his studies.  Passionate about new technology and football (a PSG fan), he takes care of welcoming new advertisers and agencies to MobPartner.

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  1. alam says:

    I think its very difficult to engage a user is any app or game.
    ita gonna be very challenging for publisher.

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