Thank you or taking part in last month’s survey. The overall response rate was higher than we expected and we got a lot of good, candid, feedback!

Below are the areas you indicated as our strengths as well as where we could improve to help you make more money. Additionally, we’ve outlined the actions we are taking based on the feedback you provided.

Please know that we heard you and are working hard to optimize our tools in response to your needs. However, very few of your recommendations are quick fixes so please stay tuned to future letters, which we’ll use to provide you with status updates.

Our Strengths

You said MobPartner stands out from its competitors for its:

  • Quality of campaigns offered
  • Competitive payoutsstandout
  • Knowledgeable client service team
  • Timely payments
  • Stable platform
  • Accurate and timely statistics

Areas for Improvement

You said we could do better by providing:

  • More video tutorials
  • Better innovative monetization solutions
  • More adaptive creative

profitsIncrease Your Profits

Finally, you said you can make more money if we:

  • Offered more campaigns
  • Provided better payouts
  • Uncapped offers so your earnings potential isn’t limited
  • Added M-commerce offers


We heard you and here’s what we are doing about it

Increasing the breadth and depth of our video tutorials. We’ve received high marks from those who have seen them however, and as per your feedback, viewership of our tutorial videos is limited because we haven’t provided them with enough exposure. That said, we will increase their visibility by better promoting them on our site and sharing them on our blog and tutorials

In addition to maximizing their exposure, we’ll be:

  • Creating more video tutorials to help guide you on the platform
  • Adding voice-overs to help better explain complex subjects

Devising innovative monetization schemes. As per your suggestions, we are currently researching the following to help you grow your revenues:

  • Offering pay-per-call, CPC and in-app commission based campaigns
  • Identifying more advertisers and app developers that support Worldwide campaigns
  • Encouraging advertisers and app developers to uncap their campaigns
  • Increasing AM accessibility and response times

Introducing more adaptive creative. Many of you requested more custom creatives. We are attempting to accommodate this by working with our advertiser and app developer partners to determine how much creative flexibility they’ll allow while maintaining their brand’s integrity.

In addition to the above, we are also:

  • Updating and improving our FAQs. The Tracking and Reporting section (i.e.: tracking, callback, stats API, invalid clicks, etc.) has been updated
  • Launching an iPhone SDK
  • Releasing an iPhone app for monitoring campaigns on the go

We trust the activities outlined above, and your continued commitment to promote our partners’ apps, will help you increase your revenues.

We appreciate you partnering with us and look forward to receiving more feedback from you in the future.


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