After the epic success of Blood Brothers’ campaign on the MobPartner platform, we are glad to launch today its prequel: Blood Battalion.

This free RPG game is developed by DeNA for its Mobage social games platform and is available in three languages: English, Korean and Japanese.

Fans of the previous chapter can now discover the events that went before and be a part of it. The game play is enhanced with simple and quick controls and an evolved strategy. Blood Battalions is even more dynamic and exciting than Blood Brothers.

MobPartner is launching today an user acquisition campaign for Blood Battalion to promote the app in four countries around the world. The high-quality of the game and high payout rates will allow Publishers to enjoy high benefits from promoting this campaign.

Blood Battalion – iOS app

The sequel to Blood Brothers is here, and it is epic.

Blood Battalion is a Free-to-Play tactical RPG of brutal world domination! But will the victor wear the crown, or sow the seeds of his own destruction?

  • Business Model: Cost per iOS App Install
  • OS allowed: iOs 4.3 and up
  • Country: United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.


To take advantage of this great new campaign access to your publisher dashboard and subscribe!

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