For this Friday Team Talk MobPartner product manager, Chloé Pignier discusses the advantages of MobPartner technology.

“Since beginning my adventures with MobPartner almost two years ago, the company’s face has totally changed and not only in terms of resources and business but also from a technological point of view.

I’ve followed the massive evolution of our platform and products in accordance with the evolution of the mobile market.

Indeed, the mobile advertising market, which has been around for less than 15 years, is still a very young market.

This market has changed so much in that time, especially since smartphones emerged to challenge feature phones. For the first time, worldwide sales of smartphones exceeded those of feature phones in early 2013. Furthermore, as of July 18, 2013, 90% of global handset sales are attributed to the purchase of Android and iPhone smartphones.

This has completely changed the nature of mobile advertising and its business model has shifted from a majority of mobile content/ringtone campaigns to application user acquisition campaigns.

The mobile advertising market is also a very competitive market, operating globally, so if you want to stand out from the crowd and establish a stable market position, you need to constantly innovate as well as offer complete reliability.

Nowadays, building an advertising network isn’t so complicated. Anybody can easily build an affiliate network by purchasing readymade technology and starting up in business.


On the contrary, MobPartner has always developed solutions in-house in order to deliver a customized and reliable platform to its clients. During the last six years we have worked internally on the development and optimization of our in-house platform, building a strong and trustable product for our Publishers.

We are working everyday on improving and upgrading our technologies to be able to answer our publishers’ and advertisers’ needs as fast as the market evolves.

The user interface, back-office and adserving technology are all created and enhanced by our internal team of eight engineers.

Thanks to their involvement, we are able to provide our partners with quickly developed and customized solutions, including:

Advanced targetingtargeting

trackingSophisticated tracking solution


poolAutomatic creative pool


reportingUnique user friendly interface


statsReal time statistics


At the same time, this technology brings benefits both for us and for them.

This is not the end; the industry is evolving fast and always facing new challenges which present wider opportunities for mobile advertising. MobPartner will not stand behind and will continue to evolve to answer its clients’ needs and desires.”

About Chloé:
ChloeChloé recently joined MobPartner’s dynamic tech team after one and a half years as an Account Manager working directly with advertisers as well as publishers. Her previous experience of web advertising led her to become involved in an even more innovative and interesting market.


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