Here for this week’s Friday Team Talk MobPartner Account Manager, Eloisa Dubert talks us through the fundamentals of Mobile Affiliation.

“When people ask me what I do for living and I say I work in Mobile Affiliate Marketing their faces always have the same expression: “What…?”

I’ve been working inside the Mobile industry for 5 years now and I chose it because it’s such an amazing industry, mobile phones are the most predominant personal technology on the planet and there are new businesses coming in all the time; one of this is Mobile Affiliation, but what is it exactly?

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With the adoption of smartphones and the birth of the tablets, consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to shop online. Big brands are heavily investing in the mobile area, developing marketing campaigns but until now, it has only been larger companies benefiting from mobile marketing techniques.

Small businesses need to step forward to take advantage of the opportunities across the mobile channel. One of the most effective and measurable mobile strategies is Mobile Affiliation.

Mobile Affiliation reduces the risk for the small business as being a performance-based marketing strategy and having to pay on a CPA (Cost Per Action) basis: the action can be an install, a subscription or a lead.

There are three main players: the advertiser, the publisher and the affiliate platform.

For instance, the famous mobile game Candy Crush:

  1. The advertiser is the game developer, in this case:, the action is the app install and the advertiser defines the CPI (Cost Per Install).
  2. The publisher (also known as affiliate) is any person who advertises Candy Crush on their mobile site, blog or app wall through banners, text ads, interstitials, etc. The publisher will get paid only when the user has clicked on the ad, redirected to the App Store and downloaded and opened Candy Crush app on its phone.
  3. The affiliate platform is the most important element, which is basically the bridge between the advertiser and the publisher, this would be the company I work for: MobPartner.

mobile affiliation mobpartner

MobPartner is a trusted global partner in performance-based mobile advertising. We help advertisers acquire new, high-quality mobile users. For publishers, we provide expertise, guidance and technology to monetise their global mobile traffic and maximise revenues on a consistent and long-term basis. Our highly efficient in-house platform, unique tracking tools and dedicated team of mobile marketing experts are used by more than 200 advertisers worldwide plus the world’s most influential publishers.

There are three major areas in Affiliate Marketing that small business should consider before investing:

  1. Geo-targeting: thanks to technology, companies can target the right market by country, by carrier, by device and even by operating system.
  2. Real-time offers: companies can offer short-term deals to mobile users, lasting from a few hours to a day or even longer.
  3. Tracking tools: mobile tracking technologies are an important tool to accurately measure the mobile user actions and consumption habits.

Mobile Affiliate Marketing provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses that really want to take advantage of the new mobile technologies. This is the easiest way to implement effective mobile marketing campaigns that enable you to monitor every cent you spend!”

About Eloisa:

eloisa dubert - mobpartner AMAfter graduating in International Business in Monterrey, Mexico, Eloisa moved to Europe to complete a Master in European Business at the ESCP Europe (track Turin-Madrid). Since then she has lived and worked in Turin, Madrid, Rotterdam, Auckland and now Paris, gaining 5 years experience in the Mobile Industry as a Consultant, Business Development Manager and Account Manager.

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