BOOM!  The fun starts tomorrow… with MobEntertainment promotion, payouts in November are increased up to 11%!

So set your earning volume to maximum with tunes, TV, video and games delivering top entertainment.

Pump up those payouts volumes today with MobEntertainment, the most fun-packed promotion around, to push without capping!

MobEntertainment is gathering a wide selections of premium mobile subscription services in France with an easy and simple user flow.

The best perfoming actions of the well-known campaign MediaPlazza are transfered to this brand new campaign together with the funniest games like Lapins cretins, Scrabble and Call of duty, latest ringtones, best wallpapers, non stop videos, unlimited music streaming like Stromae and Maitre Gims.


From the November 1st to 30th, new and existing publishers will benefit from payout increases on MobEntertainment campaign according to the total amount of subscriptions generated during the month.

See below the tiered payout structure:

Tier Subscriptions generated in November Increase
Tier 1 1-100 5.5%
Tier 2 101-200 8.3%
Tier 3 201+ 11%

Main reasons to promote MobEntertainment:

  • Products provided by big and well-known brands
  • Frequent offer updates
  • Top performing offers in France
  • Available on all carriers and OS

All payout increases will be calculated and credited to your account in the beginning of December.

If you are already signed up to MobPartner, login to your account to join the program now!

If you don’t have a MobPartner account, then you can follow the link

Tune in and let the music play with MobEntertainment!!

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