Latin America’s three largest economies – Brazil, Mexico and Argentina – are among the 20 countries worldwide with the highest spend on digital advertising per internet user in 2013, according to digital marketing research firm eMarketer.

Moreover mobile is starting to be a key channel for advertising since the penetration of smartphones in Latam is rising at a fast pace: in Q4 of 2012 Brazil registered 55 million smartphone subscriptions, Mexico 15 million and Argentina 11 million. In the second quarter of 2013, research firm Gartner reported that smartphone sales in Latin America increased by 55%.

Latin America is the country where there are now more mobile connections than people and Latam’s mobile advertising market is set to grow eight-fold between 2013 and 2017 according to eMarketer.

There are many reasons behind this region’s emergence as one of the world’s most exciting mobile marketing territories.  Technology is a big factor, with more affordable handsets overcoming the price barrier which had previously held back widespread smartphone adoption.  Furthermore, research suggests that mobiles are viewed as an aspirational product beneficial to everyday life, making mobile advertising very welcome.

A recent study carried out by WIN / GIA and the GSMA found that 38% of Latam consumers welcome mobile ads that are relevant to their interests.  A driving force behind the boom in ecommerce, 51% of these consumers also believe their phone helps them to save money on purchases, compared to a global average of 37%.

Regardless of these recent developments, Latin America has been a big market for MobPartner since the beginning and is now representing 15% of our business. For this reason we want to share with you some tips about the top countries in Latam and the best performing campaigns that we are running there:


 Top campaign in Latam



  • Top action: Bomber-X-men
  • Top country: Argentina
  • Conversion rate: 8.12%
  • Top carrier: Personal

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Top campaigns in Argentina


Club Games

  • Top action: Juegos Gratis
  • Conversion rate: 4.34%
  • Top carrier: Personal

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Moby Hit

  • Top action: PES
  • Conversion rate: 1.53%
  • Top carrier: Claro

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Top campaigns in Brazil



  • Top action: Download Top Music Hits
  • Conversion rate: 0.70%
  • Top carrier: TIM

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Motime – Wap Traffic

  • Top action: Games Subscription – Waala
  • Conversion rate: 2.16%
  • Top carrier: TIM

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Top campaigns in Mexico


Wingo mexico

  • Top action: Mario y Yoshi
  • Conversion rate: 1.33%
  • Top carrier: Telcel

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Ringmedia games

  • Top action: Generic Games
  • Conversion rate: 0.85%
  • Top carrier: Telcel


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