MobPartner is happy to provide all its Publisher with the latest and best performing ad formats to target your users.

In order to integrate our ad units you just need to login into your publisher account and register your site or app with the new simplified process that will automatically fill the form for you if your app is on the App Store or the Google Play.


Once you’ve registered your site or app, you can choose in which way you want to display MobPartner’s campaigns: automatically or manually.

  • With the manual mode you can handpick on the campaign dashboard the campaigns you want to display.
  • With the automatic mode you can choose to display all campaigns or one category between the following:

Once you have chosen which kind of advertisements you want to display, you just needs to select the ad units you want to use (MobWall, Banner, Interstitial) and how to integrate them (SDK, URL, HTML/Javascript code, API).

ad units integration

See below the wide range of ad formats that you can use to target your users:



The MobWall is a non-intrusive ad format presenting a selection of free apps that might interest users. It can be adapted according to different verticals. You can customize the MobWall to match your app’s own style, format, and color scheme.



Banner Ads

MobPartner’s banner ads can fit different spaces on mobile web pages and mobile applications. User clicks on the ad and is redirected to the App Store or Google Play Market to download the application. Multiple sets of banners are available for each campaign in different sizes, styles, languages, and texts.


interstitialInterstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are full-screen banners that are displayed during in-app usage (i.e. different levels of a game). Interstitials are visibly more attractive and drive higher user engagement than traditional ads.
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