From the rise of the ‘showrooming’ phenomenon where shoppers in store use their mobile to compare competitors’ prices before buying, to the finding that the ‘sweet spot’ for mcommerce is for goods priced between $25 and $100, a new report commissioned by MobPartner to investigate the role mobile devices play in the shopping habits of US consumers is full of important insights.

Targeting 500 US consumers across an even gender split and wide age range, the survey provides key information to help retailers address the technology and behavioural shift towards mcommerce. The report highlights the opportunity for retailers to harness hyper-targeted offers and deals, make use of GPS location, real-time personalization, and to utilize the rich insights that mcommerce delivers.


Whilst ecommerce continues to grow year on year, mcommerce accounts for over 25% of these sales – and is rising.  Shopping has become a 24/7 activity, as we constantly have our mobiles with us.  The more immediate and fluid mobile shopping experience is also winning us over, as shown in the MobPartner survey finding that 92% of respondents used a mobile device to compare and research prices.

In this new retail landscape, it seems that pre-purchase research and showrooming are here to stay and whilst the retailers’ job has become more difficult, shopping via mobile is only set to grow.  The way forward for retailers is to embrace mobile technology and seek an effective mcommerce strategy.

Based on quantitative research by OnDevice Research, the report findings arise from a series of questions put to US consumers about their mobile device usage and attitudes to mcommerce and covers the following key areas:


  • How mobile devices play a key part in the overall consumer shopping experience
  • How consumers are using their mobile devices, especially around key events such as Christmas
  • Comfort levels of what consumers are prepared to spend on their mobile devices
  • How ‘showrooming’ (checking online prices whilst stood in a bricks and mortar store) is becoming integral to bridging the divide between the physical and digital retail worlds
  • Consumer attitudes to special offers and what drives customers into bricks and mortar stores
  • The different types of consumer goods that customers are prepared to buy via mobile devices as well as the differing attitudes between men and women.

To see the full report into US consumer attitudes to mcommerce, click here


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