MobPartner is happy to announce the release of MobBridge, a brand new mobile ad solution to monetize desktop traffic.

Online publishers have a new way to boost revenue and monetize their desktop web traffic through adverts for mobile apps.

MobBridge is an automatic solution for publishers that unlocks extra revenue for their website and lets them expand into the mobile world by giving web users access to mobile apps.

Using MobPartner, publishers can display adverts for mobile apps on their desktop site. Consumers who click on the advert are then taken to a specially-created landing page for the app where they can

  • Have a direct link to the app’s store page sent to their phone via email
  • Scan a QR code redirecting to the app’s store page

MobBridge is currently available for both iOS and Android smartphone apps and games.

MobPartner MobBridge screenshot Android

MobBridge is ideal for publishers of app-focused websites such as review sites, forums and app marketplaces… as a mean to boost their advertising revenue.

It works on a Cost per Install (CPI) basis and directly connects a publisher’s desktop traffic with advertisers or developers who have a mobile app or game to promote.  Advertisers using MobBridge report an average conversion rate of two to five per cent for their adverts.

How to start using MobBridge?

You can find the MobBridge link on the “Promote it” campaign page, under the “MobBridge” tab.  The implementation is easy as the URL link doesn’t differ from the overall campaign Target URLs, this means that our system will automatically recognize the desktop traffic and serve the MobBridge page to the user.

MobBridge User flow:

  • Desktop users click on MobPartner link
  • The users get redirected to a dedicated web landing page
  • They will have the option to either scan the QR code or enter their email address
  • The scan or the email click will redirect the users to the Google Play or App Store
  • User installs and launches the app on mobile

MobPartner MobBridge screenshot iPhone

MobBridge is available for iPhone and Android publishers, developers and advertisers worldwide. MobPartner expects to add iPad functionality to MobBridge in the next few months.

For more information on how to use MobBridge, please visit the dedicated page on our support system.

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