We are happy to inform all our publishers, ad networks and media buyers that today we have launched MobWidget, a new mobile ad unit enabling publishers to deliver an enriching and contextually relevant experience to its audience while accelerating mobile revenue.

MobWidget is a highly customizable new advertising display unit that offers only the most relevant apps to generate the best possible conversion rate. Created with content publishers in mind from social gaming to travel to entertainment and beyond, MobWidget offers recommendation-based app discovery to drive additional revenues.

widget-entertainmentMobWidget is HTML-based – No SDK – making it compatible with all iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android apps, plus desktop and mobile web pages. It can be added with just a few lines of code – cutting out the need for an SDK.

MobWidget is also compatible with MobBridge, MobPartner’s recently released tool that helps convert desktop online browsing into mobile app installs – allowing both products to be used in combination for even better advertising performance.

MobWidget’s creative ad for mobile content and editorial sites is self-service, easy to implement and fully customizable. Virtually every aspect of MobWidget can be customized or branded – from the number of apps displayed to the color of the buttons inside the widget. The apps displayed are dynamically inserted into MobWidget using sophisticated real-time targeting, selecting the most relevant apps to an individual consumer – ensuring not only an improved conversion rate, but a better all-round user experience.

To integrate MobWidget in your app, website or mobile site, sign up now on MobPartner.

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