We are excited to announce the launch of MobSearch, a new native mobile advertising unit helping content developers monetize their apps through previously unused space when performing in-app searches.


Do you have an app featuring indexable content –perhaps a news, music, video or fashion app? MobSearch delivers contextually relevant app suggestions displayed below an app’s search field in real time as the user inputs their query. It uses a predictive text algorithm to serve an ad based on a combination of the text entered into the search field and the user’s characteristics.

Watch MobSearch in action:

Apps using MobSearch will display a native ad based on the user’s preferences and key information as soon as the user engages the search function. Then as the user starts performing the search, a new ad will be served based on the text the user is entering.

Without intruding on the user experience, MobSearch allows developers to monetize a previously blank, untapped space in apps while helping publishers to deliver highly relevant results.

Imagine you’re searching within your news app for the latest World Cup scores. With MobSearch, as you start entering the word “football” it serves a suggestion to download the ESPN Fantasy Football app. As you continue typing and enter your full search “football brazil,” MobSearch updates the space to provide the most relevant app suggestions. Instantaneously, below the search box, FIFA Official App appears for you to download!



Developers looking to start using MobSearch can integrate and sign up now on MobPartner or contact  sales@mobpartner.com.


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