With the dust settling on Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, we’ve found three additions to be included in iOS8 which will empower the mCommerce.

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  1. Two-way interactive push notifications:

This update will allow iPhone users to receive and interact with notifications without having to close their current app, streamlining the mobile experience. It also allows an app to serve an offer or notification to a user without being open. Very handy if for example the user is in the middle of a game and enters within a certain geo fence of your store. Perhaps even more interesting will be for retailers to communicate across apps with push via complementary offers or incentives without disrupting their current experience.

  1. Family Sharing:

With mobile in-app purchases currently a hot issue, the Family Sharing feature is sure to please many, with parents able to control and share purchases made across family linked devices. With this comes the ability to track browsing and shopping behaviour across all of a family’s devices, providing opportunities for apps to serve personalized offers or even draw in entire families with group offers.

  1. Touch ID for third parties:

Previously available only for unlocking your phone and making iTunes and App Store purchases, the thumbprint verification system, generally accepted to be significantly more secure than text based passwords, will be available to third party apps. Allowing iOS users to access and pay at third party sites with a simple thumbprint is an exciting prospect. Will this be the next payment model?

Improving discoverability, reducing payment friction and encouraging sharing among families are just three of the many features coming as part of iOS8, and all will provide us with better insights into consumer browsing and purchasing behavior.

beacons shopping

The Potential Retail Future…

But how can you make the most of these new features? MobRetail is a perfect solution. Imagine someone is in a shopping mall, looking for the perfect gift for Father’s day and they are walking through the shops and browsing on their smartphone. With MobRetail, a highly targeted offer or coupon based on the behavior, persona and historical data could be served as they enter the range of an iBeacon or geo fence encouraging them to go in-store and redeem. If the retailer has ‘click and collect’ they could also redeem and pay for the item with a tap of the fingerprint ID…skipping all the lines in-store!

We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you…



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