We’re very excited to introduce our latest innovation, MobRetail, a great new marketing tool that retailers have never before had access to. MobRetail links their mobile performance marketing campaigns to offline sales actions, helping retailers to not just acquire new mobile users but also drive footfall into stores.

If you’re reading this as a retailer then you’ll already know that that it’s an increasingly mobile world, with tablets and cell phones fulfilling multiple and unique roles in many consumer’s shopping journey. This might be researching a product at home or on the fly, ‘reserve and collect’ (reserve online at home but collect from the physical store) or even driving footfall in store with the customer redeeming time limited promotions and coupons in an app. With all these opportunities available, the challenge has always been how do you, as a retailer, track a customer’s path to purchase from the point at which they downloaded your app through to stepping into your store? That’s where we come in.

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We’ve created MobRetail to help retailers acquire high quality users for their apps and then measure when customers who have installed the app go in-store using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology.Once your store has BLE beacons installed, then any app that has the MobRetail tracking enabled (via a simple SDK) will start sending information that identifies your customer in-store. The ability for beacons to be placed in multiple locations in your store means that they’re also ‘hyper-locational’, able to detect the customer’s location down to a very small area.

What this means for retailers is that for first time ever, you can apply a performance marketing metric for apps that includes an offline action such as in-store visit. Now, you can acquire new app users and pay on a cost per in-store visit basis. Using MobRetail, you are able to then map your customer’s complete path to purchase, from where they downloaded the app, all the way to in-store. Furthermore you can calculate a conversion rate for any customer who has downloaded your app and made an in-store visit. You’ll even be able to figure out the lifetime value (LTV) of an app customer through both digital and physical tracking, looking at those who have just visited versus those who have visited and made a purchase. All of this is valuable insight which has never been available to retailers until now.

This is just the beginning for MobRetail as we work with our retail partners to find new ways to measure the value of customers who have downloaded their app. There are many more exciting things in the pipeline for MobRetail, including hyper locational campaigns and re-targeting users who have gone in store but didn’t make a purchase.

In the meantime, it’s easy to get started with MobRetail. If you’re considering installing BLE beacons in your store and have an app, then by integrating our SDK you’ll immediately be able to start tracking and really making sense of true customer value offline and online.


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